Spice is the greatest treasure in the Empire. And now it is yours for the taking…

Set in the distant future on the desert planet of Arrakis, ” Dune” weaves an epic tale based around the all-important “spice”. Guardian of health and longevity, source of wisdom, gateway to enhanced awareness, the spice is the greatest treasure in the Empire. And Arrakis, called Dune, a wilderness of hostile deserts and cataclysmic storms, is the only planet in the universe where it can be found. Dune is the hub of the Empire, the pivotal point on which the leading Houses of the Empire are kept in precarious balance, the hostile prize of a galaxy-wide power struggle.

Caught in the middle of the interplanetary quest to control Dune is Paul, heir to the House Atreides. Blessed with mystical gifts, the young man shoulders crushing responsibilities towards the Empire and must find his own destiny while battling the mighty forces pursuing him.

“How can this six-hour Sci Fi mini-series possibly satisfy the legions who still revere the source, Herbert’s 1965 cult-classic novel that has sold some 12 million copies? How can this production, lavish by television standards but hardly in a league with the ”Star Wars” features, hope to dazzle an audience steeped in those big-screen wonders, fueled as they were by intergalactic budgets and George Lucas’s own psychohistory? How? By stirring some impressive imagination into Herbert’s stew of political, social and religious notions. And by playing it straight, showing up with a maximum of magic and a minimum of campy cynicism.” – The New York Times

“Here’s an adaptation that has much for Herbert readers to be pleased about. The film excels in the fact that they went to great lengths to make the world of Dune come to life.” – Needcoffee.com

Won 9 awards and 9 nominations including
Primetime Emmy Awards 2001
Won Primetime Emmy Outstanding Cinematography – Vittorio Storaro
Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special