Titanic: Blood and Steel

How the luxury liner was built in Belfast by the White Star Lines over 15 years from 1897, and at a cost of 105 lives.

To the wealthy who invested in it, Titanic was a dream. To the middle class who managed its construction, Titanic was a challenge. And to the working class who built it, Titanic was the beginning of a revolution. This is the story of the men and women who built, ran and owned the Titanic, their love, their lives and their losses.

The series portrays the epic process of building the great ship from the ground up and the people who gave life to its creation. It ends when the ship begins its journey, taking with it the souls of our story. The series strips away the pop culture romance that surrounds the “ship of dreams” and presents the reality of its making and the harsh world that spawned Titanic. The story crosses all human facets of the turbulent society in which the ship was built – Edwardian Belfast in 1907 – and depicts how the greatest leviathan of all time was hand made in a city on the edge of revolution. The reality of the ship’s making is perhaps more profound and compelling than its demise.

The Titanic was built in Belfast between the years 1907 and 1912 at the largest shipyard in the world, Harland & Wolff. This was the heyday of steam travel, an era of complacency and leisurely comfort; of sharp social distinctions and smug self-sufficiency. It was also an era where Mankind was deluded by the notion that Nature was at last his slave. That era died with the Titanic.

Awards and nominations
Irish Film and Television Awards 2013
Nomination IFTA Award – Best Television Drama, Best Director TV Drama
Best Makeup & Hair, Best Production Design, Best Sound
Monte-Carlo TV Festival 2012
Award Golden Nymph – Outstanding European Producer (Drama Series)
Nomination Golden Nymph – Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series (Neve Campbell)
Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series (Alessandra Mastronardi)
Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series (Kevin Zegers), Outstanding Actor in a Drama
Series (Derek Jacobi), Outstanding International Producer (Drama Series)