Kennedys, The

They were perhaps the first American political dynasty to recognize the value of image over inconvenient truth. History tells us what they did. “The Kennedys” tells us who they were.

They’ve been called America’s royal family. But that does them – and the country – little justice. Royals are born to their status. The Kennedys made themselves into theirs in an utterly American way, through driving ambition, hard work and, when necessary, a willingness to toss the rule book aside. They inspired a generation, and they’re still the yardstick against which charismatic politicians are measured. But behind closed doors they lived a complex mixture of loyalty and love, resentment and betrayal, physical courage and emotional inadequacy.

“The Kennedys”, an eight-hour miniseries, is a historically accurate dramatization in which affairs of state played out in the Oval Office and in the Cabinet Room take a back seat to the intense and often volatile personal relationships that existed far from the prying eyes of the media.

“The Kennedys” tells the story of a father’s obsessive determination to see his own failed aspirations for power realized by his sons. It tells the story of the sons upon whom that responsibility fell – brothers whose death passed the burden to the next one in line. It tells the story of three wives who, despite their immense differences, shared the challenge of life in the spotlight, of strained marriages and of finding their own relevance in the shadows cast by their famous husbands.

“Without a doubt one of the best, most riveting, historically accurate dramas about a time and place in American history that has ever been done for TV.” – New York Post

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