It only takes one step to cross the point of no return

Zyga is a Polish teenager, yearning to establish himself in the adult world while his country breaks free from communism in the late 1980s. He finds his opportunity in the practice of ‘yuma’ – shoplifting from West German stores and redistributing the goods to the people of his village. The good times cannot last forever though: as Zyga’s Robin Hood complex starts to go to his head, some ex-military Soviet criminals show up, looking for their cut…

The story behind ‘Yuma’ is based on actual events that took place on Polish-German frontier of the 90’s.

“Rise and fall tale of Scarface proportions” – Junsui Films

“…A well-directed and gritty drama film” –

“Yuma is trying to be the Slavic Scarface – and, for a good portion of the running time, it earns that title.” – List Film

Awards and Festivals
Karlovy Vary, Busan, Plus Cameraimage, Film Festival Cottbus, TOFI FEST,
International Film Festival Chicago, Koszalin Festival of Film Debuts, FEST Belgrade
Chicago Film Critics Award