You Instead

A single night. A million possibilities. One connection.

American pop star, Adam, and minor British rock chick, Morello, are playing at the same music festival. The only other thing they have in common is their mastery of sarcastic wisecracks so when they meet backstage, the sparks inevitably fly.

As their childish spat escalates, a mischievous preacher, who happens to be passing by, handcuffs them together as punishment, before disappearing into the crown with the only key.

All attempts to break free a thwarted as the prospect of performing on stage in handcuffs together becomes a reality, never mind the prospect of having to sleep side by side later that night. Respective band mates and romantic partners are caught in the crossfire but can only look on as Adam and Morello begin to realise there is no escape.

“Delightful…triumphant…delivers the feel good quota in spades” –  Screen International

“…breezy atmosphere…killer soundtrack…this hipster comedy should prove a crowd pleaser…” – Variety

“The climax is almost unbearably joyful. Feel-good movie of the year, thus far? Absolutely.” – ABC Radio Australia

Awards and Nominations
BAFTA Awards, Scotland 2011
Nominated Audience Award Favourite Scottish Film
British Independent Film Awards 2011
Nominated British Independent Film Award – Best Achievement in Production
SXSW Film Festival 2011
Nominated Audience Award Spotlight Premiere