Neighboring Sounds

Rural and urban, property lines and blood feuds, family histories and petty battles… in a film that reframes Brazil as a place where blood is thicker and murkier than water, even in homes that seem so clean and white and safe.

A history of violence and oppression threatens to engulf the residents of an affluent seaside community in Neighboring Sounds, a thrilling debut from filmmaker Kleber Mendonca Filho. A palpable sense of unease hangs over a single city block in the coastal town of Recife, Brazil. Home to prosperous families and the servants who work for them, the area is ruled by an aging patriarch and his sons. When a private security firm is reluctantly brought in to protect the residents from a recent spate of petty crime, it unleashes the fears, anxieties and resentments of a divided society still haunted by its troubled past.

One of the strongest feature debuts of the last decade.” – Los Angeles Times

A hugely impressive debut feature from Kleber Mendonça Filho. “ – Empire Magazine

“An absorbing and extremely promising film.” – Daily Telegraph

30 wins and 13 nominations including: Cinema Brazil Grand Prize 2014 Best Screenplay;
Gramado Film Festival 2012 Audience Award; Lima Latin American Film Festival 2013
APRECI Prize Best Film; Lleida Latin-American Film Festival 2013 Screenplay Award; Rio
de Janeiro International Film Festival 2012 Première Brazil for the Best Film and Best
Screenplay; Rotterdam International Film Festival 2012 FIPRESCI Prize; São Paulo
Association of Art Critics Awards 2014 APCA Trophy for the Best Film and Best Director;
Toronto Film Critics Association Awards 2014 – TFCA Award for the Best First Feature;
Village Voice Film Poll 2012 – 2nd place – VVFP Award for Best First Feature