Dear Dumb Diary

She wrote the book on awesomeness.

An 11-year-old dreamer participates in a big fundraiser to save her school’s failing art program, and scrambles to recover her missing diary. Jamie Kelly may not be the most popular girl in Mackerel Middle School, but in her dreams she’s so glamorous that even her popular classmate Angeline is green with envy. Meanwhile, back in real life, Jamie’s crush Hudson Rivers never even gives her a second glance. Fortunately between her beloved Aunt Carol and her loyal classmate Isabella, Jamie has the best friends a girl could ask for. Later, when Jamie learns that Mackerel Middle School will be staging a Jump-a-thon fundraiser to keep its troubled art program afloat, she senses an opportunity to stand up for the less popular crowd. Jamie learns a couple of valuable life lessons, however, when her treasured diary disappears without a trace, and one of Isabella’s ingenious schemes goes horribly awry.

Based on the best selling series “Dear Dumb Diary” by Jim Benton.

“This delightful movie about issues that will resonate with kids provides families with a segue into meaningful conversations about issues like self-esteem, dating, social status, and peer pressure.” – Common Sense Media