Basic Instinct

A brutal murder. A brilliant killer. A cop who can’t resist the danger.

Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) is a successful bisexual mystery writer who may also be a ruthless murderer. Everyone close to Catherine dies, and troubled policeman Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) must find out why. In the process, Nick becomes sexually involved with both Catherine and police psychiatrist Beth Gardner (Jeanne Tripplehorn), while the bodies begin piling up and Catherine turns the cat-and-mouse game around on Nick.

This cold, stylish erotic-thriller grossed over $100 million at the box-office despite vigorous protests at its depiction of gays and women.

Grade-A pulp fiction. This erotically charged thriller about the search for an ice-pick murderer in San Francisco rivets attention through its sleek style, attractive cast doing and thinking kinky things, and story, which is as weirdly implausible as it is intensely visceral.” – Variety

Flashy, raunchy and schlocky, Basic Instinct is classic nineties noir for which Verhoeven’s overblown direction and Stone’s exposure secured a place in movie history.” – Film4

Sharon Stone, in her first major-league role, comes on like a postfeminist Grace Kelly. She turns her haughty, slightly blank, cheerleader sexiness into something vampish and ominous – an all-American beauty mask.” – Entertainment Weekly

Academy Awards, USA 1993
Nominated Oscar Best Film Editing – Frank J. Urioste; Best Music, Original Score – Jerry Goldsmith
Golden Globes, USA 1993
Nominated Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Sharon Stone
Best Original Score, Motion Picture – Jerry Goldsmith
BMI Film & TV Awards 1993 – Won BMI Film Music Award – Jerry Goldsmith
Golden Screen, Germany 1992 – Won Golden Screen
MTV Movie Awards 1993 – Won MTV Movie Award Best Female Performance – Sharon Stone
Most Desirable Female – Sharon Stone