From the slums of her childhood to the limelight of her career, Amália Rodrigues, the greatest fado singer ever, strived to sing and survive, to live and love. This is the life behind the legend. You already know the legendary singer. For the first time, you’ll get to know the woman behind the myth.

It starts in New York and follows different periods of diva’s career from 1954 to 1984, unveiling some of the Fado singer’s secret stories and reliving some of the most memorable moments of her artistic career. From the premature separation from her parents and their precarious reconciliation, marked by her mother’s indifference and by the death of her sister Aninhas; her early adult life, initiated with her passion for an amateur guitar player Francisco Cruz; the local and national success that followed, all to the painful period with family betrayals, her political connotation with the fascist regime and her glorious resurrection in Lisbon’s Coliseu, when she rose triumphant under the crossfire of Portugal’s Carnation Revolution.

Amália is the biography of a woman who crossed the twentieth century to become one of the most important musical personalities of all times. Amália is a great crowd-pleasing entry for an entire travel into the history of the fado.